Sunday, December 20, 2009

And finally the biscuits that's the giftbags complete now. I haven't made a brilliant job of the icing and the Edible Cake Glitter is a bit big but that's all you can buy, still they look quite Christmassy. I saved a collection of boxes and containers for these to keep them fresh.

Recipe for German Spice Biscuits
, we always used to go to the German Christmas Markets at this time of year and I got this with a traditional German Christmas biscuit cutter I bought. I suggest a double quantity to get enough but they are so easy and tasty its no loss to have to many :-)

4oz Plain Flour
2oz Caster Sugar
1/2 teasp Mixed spice **I have been asked by an American lady what this is, its a mix of cinnamon, numeg etc premixed in a jar. I think Pumkin Pie Spice mix is a similar thing with mostly the same spices in
3 oz Butter

Blend in processor or by hand to make a dough and roll out. Cook Gas 3 160C 325F for 20 mins. Leave to cool for a minute before putting on a rack to get cold. Decorate as you like.


  1. Oh Me oh My Sanda Beautiul Yum yum

    Liz xx

  2. These look wonderful! I would love to make them but what is mixed spice??


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