Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Birthday and Christmas Gift Card Holders

This is a card I made for my niece as its her birthday just after Christmas so I needed to get it done as she is going away and it had to be ready for her. The bear is a free stamp from a magazine which is really for Christmas but I cut off the robin part (kept it of course) and it left the bear in a hat which is also good for birthdays. I used some of the fantasy fibre sheet I made the other day cut on the Cuttlebug with a frame die (can't remember the name of these) and made it into an easel card.

Then I made a gift card holder for the token (shame I got Christmas one) the instructions of the fold for this are further down this post. I used K &Co speciality stack of occasions papers. Nestabilities die for the circles and Just Rite stamps for the border, the sentiment was with the bear stamp. This is a 2 pocket giftcard so I made a tag with a greeting as well.

I also made her a choker with metal ribbon and a beaded clasp I got and a little box for it to go in.

This is the Christmas version of the giftcard holder for my dad's tokens, book tokens are still the old fashioned kind not cards so I made it bigger so they would fit. Supplies as above with Christmas papers from the stack and chenille fibres

So to make the card holders - take a rectangle of paper, I used 12" x 9" as I needed it to be larger, if making for a smaller gift card you need it to be 6" x 8", use double sided to get the alternate pattern for the stripe effect.

Fold it in half length ways then width ways

Now fold the top corner in by about 2" for the small version larger for the bigger one and the bottom corner folds in to the folded line going up the centre of the paper. The small triangle goes to the back and the large to the front like this
Glue down the smaller triangle, this will be hidden but you want it to be stuck then put glue where I have shown and stick it there as well. Its a bit hard to describe so play with the fold so you can see where the glue needs to be or watch this video to see it being done

You can see how the alternate colour will be here
Glue the last section and there are your 2 pockets.
I hope you can understand that but if not the video makes it much clearer, thanks to "Stampfest" who posted that on You tube.

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