Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Menu * Napkins

New Year Eve we are having friends round for dinner so I wanted to make some things to enhance the table. I used mirror card to cut these on the Cricut, the only thing is it looks smudged :-( a downside of mirror card which is why I rarely use it. Anyway here they are.

The Menu cards - "Plantin Schoolbook" and "Stretch your imagination" for the champagne glass. I used the offcuts and some cut from red to get the contrast features and the extra glasses to put onto the napkin rings. I printed the inserts on my PC in "Word" using "Curlz" font. There is some sequin waste behind the cut out to look like champagne bubbles and tiny ribbon bows for the napkin rings.

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  1. mmm Sandra yummy can I come lol brilliant all of it
    liz xx


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