Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Crackers

OK so homemade crackers seems a bit obsessive but you can make them so personal by doing it yourself and they are easy. I sourced the cellophane and snaps from Ebay but I have seen them in pound shops and cellophane in florists, cardboard tubes from wrapping paper (bit more hygienic than loo roll middles!! ) Tags, stickers, tissue, a perforating blade to make them easier to pull if you have one, gifts, chocolate jokes and hats, ribbon to tie and d/s tape. I found some cool light up balloons to put in for the kids too. I have used a layer of tissue and a layer of cellophane but you could just use paper, Here's the stuff I usedgather the bits for the cracker and wrap in tissue, easier to add it now than later and pop into the tube with the snap
put some d/s tape either end of the snap to secure it to the paper, leave an equal amount showing each end of the tube
Perforate the paper (if doing that) so that the perforation will come at the end of the tube at one end. Put your paper and cellophane under ensuriing the perforation is in the right place and roll it up
secure the end with more d/s tape
tie with a ribbon and trim of any excess so its neat (bottom half of this picture)
Et Voila one cracker.... see how easy was that :-)
Hot Chocolate Christmas Mug, yes another one but I think these make such cool stocking fillers
This is the box for it my nice easy folded side one INSTRUCTIONS HERE
Wrapped in cellophane and a tag, plus some of the crackers :-)

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