Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Received with enthusiasm

What a lovely day I had out giving the gifts I made and seeing my parents to exchange gifts. They were all recieved with enthusiasm so thats nice, made it worth the time and effort I put in. I am going to get better organised for next year though buying containers and jars as that was a bit fraught this year.

I had to leave to get home as heavy snow was making it bad to travel and I skidded my car into a fence but no damage thanks goodness. My poor parents had to get back to Surrey, which should be a 50 minute journey, unfortunately due to snow and ice it ended up taking them 5 hours . Thankfully they arrived safe and sound so it ended fine. Why are parents so stuborn I asked them to stay over and drive back today but they wouldn't listen :-(

Have a good day and if your weather is bad stay home and drink chocolate!!! :-)


  1. those are wonderful! Glad you are ok and no damage!

  2. Glad you and your parnts are ok Terrible day but these gifts would warm their hearts!
    Have a great Chrismas Sandra

    Liz xx


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