Monday, December 07, 2009

Garlands Up and then down :-(

I was pleased with this once it was up over the fireplace (hideous and in need of replacing though it is) and then disaster!!! 2 of the pieces came unstuck and slid down between the wall and the bricks. Short of knocking the fireplace out (much needed) they are gone forever :-( I would make some more to fix it but thise were the only sheets of that paper I had. Ahh well never mind, thems the breaks sent to try us...

This is the village in place in the porch and the other garland on the window. All I need now is for the dog to knock that flying off its table !!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sandra this garland is beautiful, Oh' it is awful that this has happened after all your hard work too so sorry for you, your village is lovely too also love the other garland too you are funny just keep the dog away from the tale please haha' lovely projects xxhugsxx
    Sarah xx


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