Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Quilled Christmas Tree

This little tree measures about 5 inches high and was an experiment as a topper for my Matchbox Advent Calendar (details to follow)

  • I just cut a 7" circle and used one quarter curled round to make a cone shape.
  • put double sided tape round at 1/2 increments all the way up ( this varies on the size of your cone, less of a gap makes a fuller tree)
  • use frilled quilling paper or make your own by snipping/fringing 1/2 inch wide lengths of coloured paper, the larger the tree the wider the paper would need to be
  • stick round the cone so that each layer slightly overlaps
  • fluff up the frill to make it stick out
  • add some mini pompoms
your done :-)   You can make this any size you wish, or even a whole forest of them.

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