Thursday, November 15, 2012

Easy Christmas Wreath

In my tidying up I found a load of things I had bought, some years ago for various projects and never had the time to do or just plain forgot.  Among these was a tin with florist bits and bobs and a couple of florist hoops.

This is a Super easy wreath and it took about 30 mins tops to make. Hope you like it
Poor light it looks dull here :-(

  • Florist metal hoop
  • green florist tape and florist wire
  • ribbon about 3 meters
  • pine and larch cones
  • gold stars (table confetti ones) or fake berries etc
  • hot glue gun
  1. Cover the hoop in the tape 
  2. Tie lengths of ribbon all round, I used some wired pattern to add sparkle amongst the plain ribbon
  3. Hot glue the cones and stars
  4. Make a loop of wire to hang it up
  5. Done, That's how easy it was

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