Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Fair packaging it up

Oldies but goodies
Some hearts on a cord for hanging as a Garland, I love all that Jingling :-)
I spent the weekend doing a review of all the items I have made for the fair so far and it was quite a lot.  It's not till you get round to packaging it that you see how much is there.  I am pleased with it so far and now it's in bags looks so nice.  I think I enjoy making the packaging as much as doing the actual crafts.

I love these and adapted the size to fit the chocolate bars I have.  You can get the art work here and also other beautiful designs by Laurie   Aimee Asher Boutique has so many lovely designs to use in your crafting.
Snowman Lolly
They look so jolly all together
Candycane Mice - I used foam sheet instead of felt for a change, they keep their shape better
Red bow, holly and snowflakes are cut from felt with a  Lea'bilities Die
I love Meeses to pieces :-)

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