Thursday, November 01, 2012

Advent Matchbox Calendar

Not quite finished it yet it still needs some other embellishments.  I have had the boxes ready to make this for a couple of years now I just never seems to get round to it.  They are easy to do, if you have "bought boxes" , would take longer if you make your own.  I will post a simple run through of this but it's so easy to do.  
Components: card, boxes glues, numbers (unfortunately these were to big) chipboard for base , middle and top

assemble in lots of three wrapping with a length of card
Use the tape to pull them together, first one way then another layer of tape going in the other direction. Extra strong tape is better

Position then like this, four sets of three per layer with a chipboard piece top and bottom

Add the second layer as before

Drawers only covered at the front otherwise they won't slide easily

Add decorations and number in a random fashion

This looks wonky but its the camera angle :-(


Min scroll inside the last box
A letter from Santa
I just love the cute appeal of it.  I have made one before HERE which is substantially larger which I love but this one is for my Grandsons.  I hope it can take the rigors of two small boys :-)

Useful links:
Pre-made boxes to buy
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