Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Coaster Calender 2010

Hi, Well this was going according to plan till I hit a problem with the jump rings, they just weren't big enough to join the pieces so I tried string instead but I think ribbons would have looked a lot nicer. Still this is just a prototype so if you want to make one you can adjust accordingly.

This is a shot of the things needed:
  • Papers
  • beer mats (coasters)
  • chalks but I decided to matt instead with plain papers for a change
  • D/S tape
  • Glue, not water based or coasters will split apart
  • Calender pages
  • string ribbon or other to join the pieces together
Cover your coasters with the papers and round off the edges, you can sand any rough edges
Do both sided, I used paper with the months printed on but remember when it is joined it will reverse, i.e. on the back of January you need to put August not July as it is the other side when turned so would be in the wrong order!! If you lay it out you will see what I mean. This also applies to putting the papers on the reverse remember it when adding a stamped month etc.

Now chalk or mat your calender pages and add them according to the "rules" above
Punch holes in the sides that join together, for example January will have 2 at the bottom and inside edge but March will have 2 bottom and top and 2 at the inside. Join them with your chosen media, ribbon etc and add a loop at tht top for hanging.
Make a simple envelope using the folded calender as a guide to size and mat a plain piece for the recipients name and your done. Hope you like it


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