Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Penny Slider & Video

Before I get to the slider I wanted to share these bracelets.

I went to a carboot sale on Sunday and found these clear plastic bracelets which shouted at me "Alcohol Inks" So for a bargain 50p for the 2 home they came and 15 mins after getting my supplies out I have these to give away as little presents. I love Alcohol inks as the result is so fast and easy to do.
After: This one used Cranberry, Currant and Eggplant then add metallic silver, then mixative.
This on uses Pesto and Lettuce, then metallic copper then mixative
Now... I have been trying to get these right for some time and have finally got them sorted out. I think its the way I was assembling them. I now use foam tape to put the mount onto the card and it lifts it high enough to get them to slide. I cut the slider mechanisms and mount with my Cricut, here's the Cut File (it also has another shaped card file I am working on in that selection)

I did a single penny slider first then got carried away and did double and four slide cards but the spider is my favourite, he is just so cute. Wow I also made vids of them as you need to see them working I think :-)

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  1. These are sooooo cute i do love halloween.
    hugs judex


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